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    intel hd graphics - kernel 3.16.5 i915 - blurry screen - help to find proper video driver version




      I faced unusual problem with my intel hd graphics; The problem is... I am facing blurry fonts and images and videos on my LCD; At first sight it seems like videos are lack of colors but color quality is 24... Visually fonts are not as black and clear as they should be, moreover, the screen is a bit flashing or shaking (?not too fast (+/-) 1-2 px artifacts repaint for non-moving items) which causes my eyes strain after 20-30 min of watching...



      Previously I had elementary OS Luna x64 bit with kernel 3.13 installed so the screen was more clear and all fonts and images were normal but my hardware needed more new kernel so I had to move on manjaro OS x64 which is based on arch OS...


      ...But manjaro's official intel drivers cause the blurry effect which is much annoying (please see attached photos) So I am stuck here   Now I do think maybe I need to downgrade intel video drivers to those which elementary OS had but I don't know which drivers versions my video card requires? So I need your experienced advice of :


      A) How can I analyse my notebook (asus x551m processor N3520) to find out what graphics card I have cause lspci just outputs "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics & Display" but I am not sure is the info enough to choose proper video driver version?

      B) how can I find out what linux intel graphics driver version I must install ?

      C) If I just need to upgrade one of drivers (all drivers) to fix the problem how do I know that and how do I upgrade it manually cause official repo-s c stable and git ones only?

      D) If I need to post-install some additional package please let me know

      E) If I need to know more to solve the problem please guide me


      Photos info :

      To compare more or less quality the kitten photos :

      - IMG10068 link is http://cdn.cutestpaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/l-Small-Kitten.jpg

      - IMG10070 link is http://arcmel.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/how-to-draw-a-kitten-step-4.jpg



      p.s. please don't send me to manjaro.org cause it is intel graphics and linux specific issue which requires intel hd graphics expert advice; I really hope for your help describing the issue because all my questions related to this problem on non-intel forums are still unanswered ; So I am glad to hear any helpful tip or comment; If you need to know some additional information please let me know...