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    DZ77GAL-70K with 3770K slow since day 1 on booting.


      I bought this board last year on Black Friday and I've been revisiting my hardware when I thought I should finally address this. After it posts initially (with fast boot on, tone off etc all the optimizations you can do without turning off USB support) it still takes between sometimes 5 (very rarely) to up to in extreme cases 80 seconds to get past it's screen where it just flashes the _. Now, other things I have noticed are little like sometimes pulling up the boot menu (escape) also shows incorrect devices (labels things as unknown volumes, generic USB device etc) but sometimes labels them PNY (model no here) Intel SSD (model no here) etc. I know it's a bit late in the board lifetime but there's some clear and obvious bios changes that could be made to fix issues like this.. I bought this board ON SALE for $150. (down from $280!) and I was expecting the top of the line most awesome piece of equipment I could get only to find that my computer started dreadfully slowly... Any known fix/workaround to this?