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    temperature issue



      i ve got 2 edisons and one of the two is getting hot, sometimes to hot that he dies.

      the hot edison is flashed right now with the latest image and i ve nothing installed and no programm started, just system startup


      this is the temperature from the hot one

      root@edison:/sys/devices/virtual/thermal# cat thermal_zone*/temp

      cat: read error: Invalid argument


      cat: read error: Invalid argument



      and the normal one

      root@ubilinux:/sys/devices/virtual/thermal# cat thermal_zone*/temp

      cat: thermal_zone0/temp: Invalid argument


      cat: thermal_zone2/temp: Invalid argument



      i thought it was an issue with ubilinux or with my build hardware. i am not sure if something went wrong during the development.

      thats why i flashed back to stock, but no improvement


      any ideas what i can do?

      underclocking cpu? or does someone know this issue and has a solution for this problem?


      bye stefan

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          shb, I haven't seen any positive results of attempting to under clock the edison, though under clocking has been proposed a couple of times in the forums.

          The cpu is fixed at 500 MHz minimum and 500 MHz maximum, so I don't have a fix.  Personally in a last resort effort,  I would let hot Edison rest to get tempatures back to room tempature, and see if the hot Edison module still heats up to that degree on the other breakout using different cables then used when Edison heated up.

          That might aleast narrow it down to being a module/board or cable issues.

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            i ve tryed to cool it down to room temperature, but it heats up to 81 again.

            i ve alread changed the breakout board. at the beginning it was on the minibreakout now its on the arduino breakout with no wires or something else

            does someone know at which temperature the edison will die?

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              The Intel stated spec is 0C to 40C for operations, though it does go a bit higher, they haven't adjusted it thus far.  78C near double for sure.  I don't know if sometime of cooling system might keep it alive longer - the fact it is still talking is a testament.  I don't think a heat sink can help as the processor is on the underside (closest the Breakout board) of the module.  Direct air cooling with a fan is also not a long term solution.

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                The last answer on the temperatures were that they were doing tests and that when they had a more official answer that it would be posted in the documentation Software & Documentation section