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    RMS25CB080 performance


      Hi !


      We have server R2208ip4lhpc (fw 02.03.0003) with RMS25CB080 (fw 23.29.0-0016), AXXRMFBU2 (fw 0016).

      Drives 5x HGST HUC109060CSS600 (600gb Enterprise SAS 10k 6gbit/s) configured as two RAID1 sets and global hot-spare.

      Operating system Windows 2012R2, only with Hyper-V role.

      Storage driver version

      Raid module setting (on both virtual drives): strip size 256k (default),  Disk cache policy: enable, Read policy: Always read ahead, IO policy: cached IO, Default write policy: Write back with BBU (current write policy= write back). (Those are the settings giving best performance.)


      Problem is slow performance with reading or writing small blocks up to 64k (picture bellow).




      This is (my baseline) performance from HP DL380g8 with roughly the same configuration (P420i, raid1 with 10k sas drives...)



      Am i doing something wrong or is this normal?


      Best regards