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    Is it Intel XEON E5-2609 Processors is MCM (Multi-Chip--Module)?


      Hi Intel Team,

      I need to know if Intel Xeon Processor E5-2609 (10M Cache, 2.40GHz, 6,40 GT/s Intel QPI) Quad Coreis " Multi-Chip-Modules" or Not?

      I am working through a licensing question around multi-chip module. It regards an Oracle database standard edition licensing (Since some Oracle licenses is based on the count of sockets or each chip in multichip module socket is case the CPU is MCM.

      How do I get details about the above mentioned processor is single-ship (all 4 cores in one chip) become quad core or multi-chip (two dual core chips are bolted) to become quad core.

      Are the Intel Xeon E5-2609 2.40Ghz processors considered as MCM?

      Thanks in Advance.