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    Edison with the PiTFT


      Hi I am currently working on my 8th grade science fair project and wanted to ask a few questions about how the pin outs work for PiTFT and how to connect it to the Edison through the breakout board.

      Another question is for the touchscreen part of the screen is that also using SPI?

      If so, should it go into the second SPI channel or does it use GPIO as the way of communicating ?



      Thanks in advance

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          As I mentioned in the other thread, it would help to know which TFT display you have.  For example I have a few different displays that use the SPI interface to talk to the display.  Other displays you talk to using either 4 or 8 pin parallel mode. 


          As for Touch control again it depends on the actual one.  For example Adafruit sells a few different versions of the 2.8" tft display with touch.  Some of them use SPI to communicate, some of them use I2C, and some of them use something like 4 IO pins with 2 of them digital and 2 of them analog.


          Also I could not tell from your question which Edison breakout board are you using?  The Arduino version or the small breakout board?



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            I am using the adafruit raspberry pi display and the breakout board is the small one.

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              Assuming that it is the PiTFT adafruit catalogue No:1601, it would use SPI and 2 GPIO - from adafruit SPI pins (SCK, MOSI, MISO, CE0, CE1) as well as GPIO #25 and #24