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    Intel Centrino N6235 MAIN and AUX


      Dear all,


      Please help me with question.

      I have Intel Centrino N 6235 in my notebook (Samsung Aviv Book 8).

      There are two antennas in lid that connected with MAIN and AUX connectors.

      I’ve done some test of outgoing signal strength with my router (SNR, signal level). A see the presence of antenna in AUX does not affect the signal output level. So there can be only antenna in AUX connector and short wire (not antenna) in MAIN and signal level become very low (SNR = 2). The same situation is without antennas in AUX connector.

      Only MAIN antenna affect outgoing signal.


      I can’t understand what for is MAIN connector and what for is AUX?

      I would like to know is there Intel Centrino N 6235 malfunction or AUX not used or something else.


      Off course both antennas are in good condition and works in MAIN so there can’t be problem of antennas.


      Thank you in advance.