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    7260AC disconnecting every 5 minutes


      As the title suggests my 7260AC is dropping the connection every 5 minutes (I have timed it), but only on this certain network (other networks are fine), I am the only one on the network that loses connection.

      The router is an D-Link DHP-308AV.

      I am guessing some kind off compatibility issue.

      I cant stand it since I cant play anything online without getting DCed.

      I have the latest drivers installed.

      Please help.

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          List all of the following and maybe we can help:

          Driver version

          Advanced settings of the adapter properties.  There's about a dozen.  List them all.

          Power Management tab settings for the adapter.

          Windows settings for wireless adapter in Control Panel>Power Options

          Router settings.  For both bands (if two).

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            (these are translated from Swedish so it may or may not be correct)

            802.11n-channelwidth for 2.4GHz - Auto

            802.11n-channelwidth for 5.2GHz - Auto

            Ad Hoc QoS-mode - WMM Inactivated

            Ad Hoc-channel 802.11b/g - 1

            Activate on Magic Packet - Activated

            Activation on pattern match - Activated

            ARP-disburden for WoWLAN - Activated

            Bluetooth(R) AMP - Activated

            Prechosen band - 1. no preferred

            Flowthroughbooster - Inactivated

            GTK-keyupdate for WoWLAN - Activated

            HT-mode - VHT-mode

            Incompatible with 40MHz-channel - Inactivated

            NS-disburden for WoWLAN - Activated

            Packetmerging - Activated

            Roaming-aggressiveness - 3.Medium

            Protection for mixed mode - CTS-to-self activated

            Support for U-APSD - Activated

            Wireless mode 6. 802.11a/b/g

            Sleepmode on WoWLAN-disconnect - Inactivated

            Transfer energy - 5. Highest



            Driver version:


            Everything unchecked in power management tab of adapter.


            Windows energy settings:

            Battery: High saving

            Connected to net: High performance


            Unfortunately I have no access to the router settings

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              Ok, let's start by matching your settings to mine.  My AC7260 works without issue.  So if we sync up as  best we can, then, if you're still having trouble, we can investigate further.


              First, in the next post, I'm going to link to a driver file.  This forum requires moderator approval of links.  It's a national holiday in the US, so I don't know if any of the mods are working today.  You might have to wait to be able to see it.  The posts don't appear in the forum until they approve.  You can try the fixes below alone right now, but the driver has been found by many of us to fix a lot of performance issues with this card.  I recommend that you install the driver first. 


              In Control Panel, uninstall ProSet software. Let Windows manage your wireless.  Restart.


              In Device Manager,


              After you've extracted the driver folders that I've linked in the next thread, click to update the driver and point to where you extracted the driver files.  Windows will load it.  I'm using Windows 7 and the driver version is, dated 28/8/2014.


              Make the following changes in your settings:

              Ad Hoc QoS to WMM ENABLED.  This often has a corresponding setting in routers.  You should try to see that it's enabled there. 

              Power Mgt:  Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ENABLED


              Windows energy:  High Performance battery AND connected


              Try these changes and the new driver.  Good luck. 

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                Download this driver:  https://www.crc.id.au/files/Intel%20AC-7260%20v17.12.0.4.exe


                It is version 17.12 that another member downloaded from an OEM site.  This is a self-extracting zip file that includes the drivers for the various Windows flavors.


                Edit:  Wow, that was fast.  Guess somebody is on the job today.  Hello mod, wherever you are.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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                  OK thanks for your help, I will try these settings and the new driver, will return with results

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                    One other thing to play with if you need to.  The setting for U-APSD.  Some peeps do better with that one disabled, but I don't think that there's a consensus.  Mine is enabled and I've never changed it. 

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                      Well, shoot.  I edited my post with the link and that set it back to requiring moderation.



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                        dont worry, already downloaded

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                          Thanks, it worked, now only getting really small lag (might be because of slow speed) and NO DROPS YAY. Thanks GattoNero for all your help!

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                            If you can get to the router, make sure that WMM is enabled and, especially, that security is WPA2-AES.  Don't use TKIP.  You need WPA2 and AES, otherwise the router is locked down to 54Mbps.