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    Add NFC on Edison



      Here's a way to add NFC support on Edison. These steps enable a SCL3711 NFC usb dongle (PN533 chip) and could be used for *any* devices from linux-nfc list (https://01.org/linux-nfc)


      ( On Edison's current linux kernel (3.10) , NFC is not very stable... , next update ( kernel 3.17) will be a good choice (available before the end of this year ?!)


      Follow the Edison-bsp_ug_331188-002.pdf to set up your environment !

      1) Add neard.

           Add the following line at the end of local.conf

      IMAGE_INSTALL += "neard"


      2) Fix Bluez5 dependency.

           Add the following line at the end of local.conf

      RRECOMMENDS_neard = " ${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'bluetooth', 'bluez5', '', d)} ${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'wifi','wpa-supplicant', '', d)}"


      3) Change kernel config settings:

      $ bitbake edison-image

      $ bitbake linux-yocto -c menuconfig

             Change the configuration to enable NFC and PN533 as a module:

                Networking support->NFC subsystem support->Near Field Communication (NFC) devices->NXP PN533 USB driver


      Save..and build again !

      $ bitbake edison-image


      4) Flash the new image to the Edison device

      5) Plug the USB dongle (and don't forget to switch SW1 )

      6) Reboot

      That's all !


      To check:

      root@edison:/# cd /usr/lib/neard

      root@edison:/usr/lib/neard# ./test-adapter list

      [ /org/neard/nfc0 ]

          Protocols = [ Felica MIFARE Jewel ISO-DEP NFC-DEP ]

          Mode = Idle

          Polling = false

          Powered = false





      To stop/start nfc:

      systemctl start/stop neard


      To enable Bluetooth handover (e.g. BT NFC pairing)

      $ rfkill unblock bluetooth

      $ cd /usr/lib/neard

      $ ./bt-handover


      To see neard's debug messages:

      $ systemctl stop neard

      $ cd /usr/lib/neard

      $ ./neard -nd '*' &

      Hope this will help !



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