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    why noises from my motherboard?


      I have an Intel DH55TC motherboard, with Windows 7 Home premium, and service pack 1. My motherboard emits infrequent beep noises, and random times. One single beep each time. Can anyone tell me what the beep noise means please?

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          Hello Noelmoyes, I would like to get some additional information about this behavior you are experiencing.


          • Which is the current BIOS version on your board?


          • When did you start getting this behavior?           


          • Are you running the latest BIOS version available?


          • Was there any change on the system configuration?


          • Any program or update installed?




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            the bios number is TCIBX10H.96A.0043.2011.0112.1839

            The noise started about a month ago, I am reluctant to attempt bios updates, system hasnt been changed or updated except antivirus updates, and regular microsoft updates. I noticed about a month ago that Windows could no longer carry out full backups, and eventually discovered that the second hard drive I use for backups has a fault. I tested with the Seagate HDD testing program and the drive fails. This could be the problem. The board is not beeping since I ran the  Seagatetools program, which may be significant.

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              Noelmoyes, there are 4 BIOS that you may want to install on your system in order to find out if the beep sound disappears completely.


              Please try installing these versions:


              V0045 Intel® Download Center

              V0046 Intel® Download Center

              V0048 Intel® Download Center

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