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    NUC dn2820fykh can't access IOS


      My first NUC, great first impression.

      I was forced to update the original BIOS from 15 to 41 to have boot from USB.

      After that I wasn't able to access BIOS (or maybe I gain access to BIOS but the screen is black). For this reason I cannot install windows 7.

      I also tried to downgrade to bios version 40 with no success.

      Now I'm testing the system with windows 8.1 but It is very frustrating (and is not understandable in my oipnion) not to be able to access to BIOS.

      I made differrent trial (4 different monitor also supporting 1024x768 resolution, HDMI to VGA adaptor etc....). I read all the existing discussion and my monitor support 1024x768.

      NUC is great but intel UEFI bios is indecent.

      Will bios version 42 solve this issue??


      Alessio Colzi