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    Winners from IoT Maker Hackathon in Moscow (Nov 22-23)


      Would like to emphasize that all winning teams not only created stable working prototypes but plan to work further towards MVP and product stages.

      1st place – VIS Cast

      Device allows to broadcast audio stream in your native language to your mobile device from TV, media/DVD player or any other screen. This replaces audio-guides in museums, simultaneous interpretation systems at conferences, can be used during sport events and exhibitions where it’s always noisily, in marketing (Digital signature).

      Project used: Edison board, Wi-Fi cloud connectivity, USB sound-card, NFC shield to activate audio stream from a screen.


      2nd place – AD-line

      Device represents an interactive scoreboard which gets content in real time from the server. It can be used in retail, public transport, public places, etc. and can also use GPS data for better targeting. Website: http://ad-line.biz/


      3rd place – Universal platform for GO+

      This project represented Edison as a central universal hub connecting all things to the internet via GO+ cloud platform. All sensors provided at the hackathon were connected to the cloud platform. During the final presentation they demoed light switch control via a mobile app.

      Website: http://www.gsdigital.ru/