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    installing mosquitto -> python-pip python-setuptool


      Looking into MQTT for Python I wanted to try out mosquitto (Python | Mosquitto).

      The instruction say It can be installed using “pip install paho-mqtt” which is probably the easiest way to install (rather than git cloning and calling running setup.py). However, pip doesn't come pre-installed.

      Taking OpenEmbedded Metadata Index - python-pip from Daisy branch and bitbaking it.

      Installed it together with dependencies

      python-2to3 python-bsddb python-curses python-db python-debugger python-doctest python-gdbm python-hotshot python-idle python-mailbox python-modules python-pip python-profile python-pydoc python-robotparser python-setuptools python-smtpd python-sqlite3-tests python-sqlite3 python-syslog python-terminal python-tests python-tkinter.


      Still pip not fully functional. After bitbaking OpenEmbedded Metadata Index - python-setuptools (only found in dora branch?!) pip now works fine on Edison:


      # pip install paho-mqtt
      Downloading/unpacking paho-mqtt
        Downloading paho-mqtt-1.0.tar.gz (40kB): 40kB downloaded
        Running setup.py egg_info for package paho-mqtt
      Installing collected packages: paho-mqtt
        Running setup.py install for paho-mqtt
      Successfully installed paho-mqtt


      With that I now can successfully run Mosquitto (so far tested the sample script from paho-mqtt 1.0 : Python Package Index)


      AlexT_Intel: would it be possible to add pip to your repo?