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    tty1 on Edison


      During the boot process there is printed:

              Starting Getty on tty1...

      [  OK  ] Started Getty on tty1.

      Is this tty1 serial console usable somehow? Or what is the propose?

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          Hi mdw


          The tty used for terminal communication using the cable is the ttyMFD2. Getty is used to handle serial terminals so, tty1 it could be the port that is opened for terminal communication using telnet or SSH. Let me investigate more about this in order to give you a better answer.




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            Hi mdw;


            I checked that the tty1 is used as a Virtual Terminal and is connected as the Console Monitor, the ttyMFD2 is the physical port that is connected to your port. At the end you are using both of them when you are using terminal console with the cable connected in the microUSB port.

            The ttyMFD2 is the UART2 and is used for the console terminal communication.


            The purpose of your question is in order to find another way to interact with the console terminal? or Why do yo exactly want to use the tty1?




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              I just wondered why two agetty processes (tty1 + ttyMFD2) were running all the time.


              I believe, that the one connected to ttyMFD2 is enough. Example:

              root@edison:~# ps | grep getty

                218 root      2192 S    /sbin/agetty -8 --keep-baud ttyMFD2 115200 xterm

                220 root      2192 S    /sbin/agetty --noclear tty1 linux

                278 root      2420 S    grep getty

              root@edison:~# systemctl stop getty@tty1.service

              root@edison:~# ps | grep getty

                218 root      2192 S    /sbin/agetty -8 --keep-baud ttyMFD2 115200 xterm

                284 root      2420 S    grep getty

              Then I am still able to log in over the USB serial (ttyMFD2).


              Hence I think that the tty1 process can safely be removed, since in the Edison configuration is it useless - there are no Ctrl+Alt+F<x> virtual terminals.

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                The tty1 is used to catch messages from running processes which write to stdout.

                If these messages would be written to ttyMFD2 you will get a dirty mix between these messages and your commands.

                So I think it's a clean solution to use two tty's.