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    CustomModeApp not working on Win 8.1




      I just bought a couple of Intel NUC's (DN2820FYKH), which is in many regards a great product. I use these as HTPC's for using Netflix and other paid streaming services in my living room and bedroom. They are installed with Win 8.1, to give the broadest support for diverse streaming services and Dolby Digtial sound. In almost all aspects the NUC units are great.


      BUT...are your graphics team heavily understaffed or just plain NOOBS


      After I installed my NUCs, I really thought the graphics quality in Windows, both Video and Image viewing was bad. My previous HTPC in the living room was an AMD processor with built in Graphics (the FM socket systems). The image quality is a lot better on this AMD system on my 60" LED Sharp TV and my 46" Sony LCD TV. The NUC has grainy quality in the pictures and when watching movies, even after tweaking in the Intel HD Graphics menu for hours. I have tried 1920*1080p, 60 Hz, 50 Hz, 24 Hz and 23 Hz. I have tried setting the input range to full instead of limited...and nothing helps.


      After googling extensively I find this hidden Tool in the driver called CustomModeApp, which should do the trick, as it could send the entire RGB palet to my TV's, but when I try to run it, it just dies without starting. Hidden in your forums I find that the tool does not work on Win 8.1, which is a product that has been out FOR A YEAR   But no official support statements or anything.


      Intel...am I byuing from a top notch Company, which is on the forefront or is some minor League Company, that can't support their products. With the NUC I feel like its both, a very fine product, with bad Graphics and no real support.