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    Intel Galileo working as hotspot! connection unstable


      Have someone used the intel Galileo as Hotspot?


      I have tried with Galileo and card Intel centrino N-135 but the resulted isn´t like i was waiting (the connection looks unstable).

      I followed the instructions in Using Intel® Galileo as access point | Intel® Developer Zone, but, when i try connect to my "network" with other galileo i have some problems:

      -First, i just can conenct it two or three times, after that i received a password error;

      -When i connect correctly to network, when a i run iwconfig sometimes i´m connected to hotspot (like in the image below) but other times doesn´t appear nothing (that mean i'm not connected to my network)!

      -When i try ping (this is the IP of my acess point), the resukt is network unachievable.



      Best regards, Duarte Fernandes