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    Not possible tp use Yocto Linux with "Tera Term" oder "Cool Term"




      I got an Galileo Board and used the "getting started" documentation to the Blink-example. Everything worked fine till that.


      Now I just downloaded the "Intel Galileo Board (Linux Boot Image)" and used Win32DisImager to get it on a 32GB Micro-SD card (Described in https://software.intel.com/de-de/node/530353).

      Then I the Device manager did not recognize the "CDC" Serial, so I installed it by using this description:



      That also worked fine and the Blink Example still worked.

      And the I tried to work with the Linux using "Cool Term". I have chosen the right com-port and also set the Baud-Rate to 115200. But When I start the connection I can't do anything. There is no reaction of the Cool-term Emulator. I tried the whole thing using "Meta Term", but with the same results.


      What am I doing wrong??


      Thanks for help!