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    6250 blocking UDP on new Win8.1 install




      Have a DELL laptop - and fitted this card a year or two back - worked perfectly with Win 7 Pro.


      Just rebuilt laptop to use Win 8.1, and now the wifi seems to be blocking some incoming UDP traffic.


      Turned off firewall to test = no difference.


      ALL latest drivers installed in the last 2 days.


      Turn OFF wifi and plug in an ethernet cable and my UDP packets get through - so its not my firewall etc.


      Run the same app on a Win7 laptop (on 2G) - and the packets get through so it not my router (unless its no longer getting through on 5G) - but I see no reason why this would have changed....


      The biggest change is to install windows 8.1 on this laptop :-O.


      Hope someone can advise what setting may be wrong under this new setup please ???.


      NB The traffic is from a completely separate box - on the same subnet (192.168.1.xxx), broadcasting to port 56001.


      With the ethernet cable plugged in - I can see incoming packet in my app AND in NetMon 3.4 (microsoft). With the wifi connected - neither sees them :-O.


      Also they are short packets - a single line of text each (mainly 20-30 charcters or so).