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    DQ965GF black screen after "flash"


      Today I updated the Intel DQ965GF board in my htpc to the latest BIOS (old one was from 2006) and now it doesn't boot.

      I tried flashing in DOS but it would just hang on a blue screen (might be something to do with AMT security), and when I tried flashing in Windows it told me to reboot, and when it went down and came back up I got nothing. I got a blank screen for a few seconds and then no signal.


      I try doing the BIOS recovery (via jumper) but I get no signal for about 5-10 minutes until I get a blank screen. Usually there should be things going on here like the illustration on Intel's site, but there is nothing. I tried two romfiles, a SATA drive, an IDE drive, DVD, CD, USB flash drive, FAT32, FAT, NTFS, everything. I could only get it to go to the blank screen with a USB flash drive (even though the manual said CDs)


      Not many blinkenlights which is a bit worrying.


      Help *very* appreciated (as usual)


      inb4 "Spend $300 and buy a new CPU+board+memory"

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          Hello Awesome8wc3, this kind of behavior happens when there are many BIOS versions between the current one and the latest one installed.


          We always recommend customer to install as many BIOS version as they can.  It is important to know that going straight to the latest version shouldn't be a problem, technically speaking. However based on experience, there is always chance.


          According to your post, the BIOS version on the board was from 2006.  This specific board has 34 BIOS files, 27 of them from 2007 to 2009.


          My suggestion to you is to reinstall the previous BIOS version you had (the one from 2006). It will be necessary to use the recovery method using minimum system configuration.  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-023360.htm


          I would also recommend you to do a clear CMOS, removing the CMOS battery from the board.


          If  you are able to get your board back, I recommend you to check the BIOS Update Release Notes on this URL. You will be able to see the fixes and features included on each version. http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18158/eng/CO_6100_ReleaseNotes.pdf

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            I already tried clearing CMOS, but I tried it again and it didn't do anything.


            I downloaded the old rom and put it on a flash drive and it did the same thing. Black screen.


            I left it overnight to see if it might do anything and it hasn't.


            What should I do now? Last resort is trying to put wires on the chip or unsolidering it and putting it into my programmer (not an easy feat). Why couldn't they have put an SPI header or socket the chip like every other board is beyond me.

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              Would you please remove the memory, processor, hard drivers from the motherboard?


              Please disconnect all peripherals from it and wait about 30 minutes.


              Please check the BIOS configuration jumper. It needs to be on position 1 and 2.


              If you have another processor you may want to test it on the board just in case it is defective.

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                Removed everything, waited 30 minutes, and when I put it all back there was nothing. Before I got a black screen, now nothing at all.

                Jumper is set correctly.


                Tried swapping the CPU with another one and I have the same thing.


                EDIT: Sorry, turns out the video cable came out of the monitor. Now I get the same thing I got before. Black screen.

                Hope restored.

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                  Are you using the onboard video or a graphics card?


                  Is the processor fan spinning?

                  Are you getting beeps from the board?


                  If you already test another processor on the board it looks like you have a defective motherboard.

                  I would like to inform you that Intel products have 3 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

                  I would recommend you to contact our warranty team or submit a web ticket.

                  Please have the proof of purchase handy just in case they ask for it.



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                    I am currently using the onboard Intel GMA video.

                    The fans are spinning.

                    No beep code.

                    Just to clarify, the monitor is coming on and recieving signal, just there is nothing coming on screen, it just stays blank.


                    The warranty is definitely up. I bought this board in early 2007. I don't feel the board is defective, though. The BIOS is corrupt and the recovery mode isn't working, that's why I'm asking here.

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                      The last thing that I would suggest you to do is to install the original BIOS version using the recovery method.

                      Please follow the steps


                      1. Download the BIOS version from Downloadcenter.intel.com   .BIO file
                      2. Save the file on an empty flash drive.
                      3. shutdown the system.
                      4. remove the BIOS jumper. the system will take you to the BIOS page automatically
                      5. . Then the system is going to start the installation of the BIOS...  takes 3-5 minutes
                      6. Do not interrupt the process because it could damage the board.
                      7. Once the BIOS had being updated the system will give you a message that it was complete. In your case since there is no video, please wait for about 20 minutes and then continue with the next step.
                      8. shut down the system in order to place the BIOS jumper again on position 1 and 2.
                      9. press F2 to go to the BIOS and check if the BIOS was updated.
                      10. then your system is ready
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                        I told you, I've already tried this. I get a blank screen. Nothing happens. I leave it on overnight, still nothing.

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                          If you still having this behavior please check these recommendations.

                          Check for the following:

                          · The monitor is plugged in and turned on.

                          · The video cable is connected properly at the monitor and the computer.

                          · Be sure to select the correct input source, if the monitor provides multiple input source types. Examples: VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort.

                          · Check the brightness and contrast controls.

                          · Check the status indicator light on the monitor.

                            • A green light indicates the monitor has sufficient power and is getting a video signal.
                            • An amber light displays if the monitor has power but it is not getting a video signal from the computer. The problem is likely in the computer.
                            • If the light does not turn on at all, it can be a problem with the monitor itself. Make sure that the monitor is connected to a working AC outlet. If there is an on/off switch for the outlet, turn the switch to the on position. If the problem persists, try the monitor on a different AC outlet or a different system, or replace the monitor.

                          Then, if the issue continues, it could be that you have a defective video port and it will be necessary to replace the board.

                          You can also test another cable, another monitor.

                          Also, if you have an additional video card, you can install it on the board just to make sure it is working or not.

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                            Everything is fine. The monitor comes on a little bit after I turn the board on. I'm almost certain the VGA port is not defective. I have tried another monitor. If I install another video card I get no signal.


                            The problem is, the BIOS flash failed, recovery mode isn't doing what its meant to, there is signal, but nothing on the screen.

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                              When using the video card, please make sure you are connecting the cable to the correct video port. I would suggest you to check input source on the monitor, since it could be different


                              If the issue persists, I'm afraid your motherboard is defective and there is no more troubleshooting we can perform.