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    Build Report for DP45SG


      Just wanted to report my experience.  After I ordered the DP45SG I had
      some misgivings about that particular board. My experience wasn't as
      bad as some people's, but I found this to be a bit quirky and thought
      I'd pass that on.

      What I built: DP45SG Motherboard + Q9550 Core2 Quad + 4 GB of DDR3

      The Good: Well equipped, very stable -- once you sort out the quirks.
      The Bad: Well...

      1. Picky about RAM.  The first 2 sticks (of PNY DDR3 1333) would work
      for about 2 hours if you started with the machine stone cold, and then
      start f*cking up -- spontaneous resets, application errors.

      2. Not knowing whether the board itself was bad, I got another
      motherboard and tried the CPU and RAM in it -- same result. So I got a
      couple of sticks of no-name 1GB DDR3 local to try.

      3. I replaced the PNY with some Crucial Ballistix DDR3 -- these are
      rated 6-6-6-20, but this motherboard 'detects' them as 9-9-9-24, and
      if I tried setting them to their rated speed in the BIOS, the system
      is unstable.

      4. If you monkey around with BIOS settings, occasionally the board
      gets in a state where the network doesn't initialize properly. This is
      fixed by a total powerdown for a few minutes -- i.e. turn off the
      power supply switch or unplug it from the wall.

      5. The Crucial Ballistix sticks are rated for 1.8 volts.  According to
      what I've read on various boards, the RAM may not be recognized at all
      because the board defaults to 1.5volts.  I think the latest BIOS is
      probably fixed with respect to that issue, but you can't flash the
      BIOS without memory.  The only solution is to put a stick of 1.5v RAM
      in, use the BIOS to jack up the voltage to 1.8 volts, and then stick
      your 1.8V sticks in.

      Or, of course, you can make sure that the sticks you buy are 1.5v nominal.

      6. The board is less forgiving when you use 2GB sticks. With 2 1GB RAM
      sticks I could clock the CPU up beyond 3 GHZ with no tweaks besides
      the bus speed.  With 2x2GB it's only stable at the stock speed.  At
      this point I'd be scared to even try 4 2GB sticks.

      So .. would I recommend this board? Well if I had to do it all over
      again I would have gotten one of the Gigabyte boards based on this
      chipset.  About 20% less in price, and I haven't seen as many
      complaints about it on the message boards. On the other hand, like I
      said, once I sorted out the RAM issues it has been extremely stable,
      and I have faith in the Intel build quality.