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    USB Storage: Set a static mount point ( /media/sda5 )


      Hello together,

      i want to automate a save process on a usb storage. But when i plug it in and out its ever another mount point /media/sdX5 (starting from sda5, sdb5 etc)

      I learnt that normally in linux i can create a custom udev rule and save it in /etc/udev/ with the ending .rules , like this:

      KERNEL=="sd?5", ATTRS{idVendor} == "0951", ATTRS{idProduct} == "1643", SYMLINK += "usb-storage"

      But my yocto build (the full one with IoT DevKit on Galileo 1) just has the automated rules in /lib/udev/

      Creating my custom rule in that file has no effect on my usb storage.

      Anyone knows how to help me with this? Thanks for your help in advance.