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    Upgrade to RST





      I have a ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard which is using the Intel X58 Express Chipset / ICH10R  -  with (3) 1TB Western Digital Black HDD's in a RAID 5 for data storage and (1) Crucial 256GB SSD for Windows & Programs.

      I have been having some issues lately with my Matrix Storage saying that one of the 1TB WD HDD has been failing.  I have contacted WD and had them replace through warranty 3 times already.  With the new HDD, It rebuilds and works awhile then fails again.  These issues started around the same time I updated the software for the Matrix Storage in July 2014.  Are there any "known Issues" with this version?



      So I think I would like to upgrade from the Intel Matrix Storage (Version to a even newer version.  According to ASUS I have the most recent driver downloaded, which I know isn't true!  So can I upgrade this to the new RST and if so, which version?  From what I found on the internet the ICH10R will only support up to 11.7?  Is this true or can I load a newer version?



      I have everything backed up again to another external HDD also ;-)






      Thank You So Much!!!