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      I know the SE5729JR2 is an outdated motherboard, but I want to use it in a lab setting.  After mounting it in a Rosewell case I don't seem to be able to get it to boot.  My power supply is new and at 650 watts and is made for EATX.  Installed 1 Intel Xeon 3400DP/1M/800, 2 GIG DDR PC2700 ECC 460 G SATA HDD... What am I missing?  Any help with this 

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          We need to understand how far the unit is reaching during the POST sequence. This means that we need to check the diagnostic LEDs on the board as well as any possible beep code that would provide us more information about this issue.


          I would recommend reviewing the Technical Product Specifications for your board to locate the board POST code diagnostics lights.

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            Thanks for the suggestion concerning the troubleshooting.  There is no sound from the internal speaker and the LEDs do not light up when power is applied.  I see two green LEDs, but no other LEDs.  Is there anyway to force a boot to the bios?

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              There is no jumper setting that would force the unit to go to the BIOS. However, based on the description you provided I have my doubts that the unit is reaching to a state that would load the BIOS screen after all.


              Are you able to test the unit with different memory and/or power supply or processor?

              Is this board known to be working fine? Was it used before?