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    4th gen NUC + Linux (Ubuntu) + Hi-res monitor?


      Hi all,


      I have an Intel NUC (the D34010WYK) and use Ubuntu Linux on it. It works wonderfully and is extremely fast. However, I would like to swap my 1920x1200 monitor for one with even higher resolution. I have read that the latest NUCs support up to 4k resolutions, but I still have some questions about it. The monitor I am considering is 2560x1440 (it's the 27" from Dell, the U2713HM):


      1. I understand it's probably best to connect to the monitor with DisplayPort. If I do, will the NUC support 2560x1440 @ 60Hz?

      2. Do the Intel drivers (from Intel Linux Graphics drivers) support this scenario as well?


      Both the hardware specifications for the NUC as well as the documentation for the Intel Linux Graphics drivers don't clearly answer these questions, so hopefully someone either knows or has experience with this setup. Thanks in advance!