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    Windows 7, standby, network drives and 82567LM family nics


      Hi all.


      We're hoping to deploy W7 fairly soon and one of the features we'd like to use is standby. Now we have Dell E4300s which use the 82567LM nic and some Acer L6070Gs which use the 82567LM-3 nics. As a test, we attempted to put the machines to sleep and then wake then up (by moving the mouse for instance). The machines resume from standby, we login but the network drives are not available. This doesn't happen on older Dell Optiplex GX620s which use Broadcom Nics - as soon as they resume I can access the network drives almost instantly. I can also do this with again older Acer VT1000 which uses the older 82566DM nic and it also resumes instantaneously. I'm thinking it may be the drivers. Can anyone try and see if the experience the same issue with the 82567LM nics?