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    Graphics, 3D, Intel HD 4600, NVIDIA GTX 860m


      I have a graphics/3D issue.. I'm trying to determine if I can output 3d gaming/stereoscopic to a 3d capable monitor using HDMI 1.4.  My MSI GE70 Apache has Nvidia GTX 860M and Intel HD 4600 graphics, with all video output ports (HDMI 1.4 and VGA) directly connected to the Intel HD 4600.  Nothing is connected directly to the Nvidia card, it all is piped through the Intel card.  Intel website says this:


      • For Gaming: For stereoscopic 3D gaming, you need a third-party application that is designed to convert games to stereoscopic 3D content on Intel graphics. Contact your computer manufacturer to see what software is compatible with your system.


      What kind of drivers would I need?  Both video chipsets support stereoscopic 3D.  My laptop monitor doesn't, but I have an external monitor that supports 3D.  When I connect this monitor to the MSI laptop, I see no way to enable stereoscopic video output like I can on my other computer with GT 555m graphics.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          You will need 3D capable media player software for videos and movies.

          In case of gaming, some recent titles already support 3D; just check the game settings. Otherwise, you will need a third party application as the article explains.

          Graphics Drivers — Intel® InTru™ 3D Technology FAQ

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            Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it!  I understand that I need third party drivers... the problem is that I have no idea where to even look for them.  Do you have any recommendations?  Obviously, if Intel publishes that this graphics setup is capable of 3D gaming, what 3D games and what drivers did they use?  Where can I get this info?  The computer manufacturer directs me to Intel... Intel website directs me to the computer manufacturer.  I'd think that there exists a windows/intel graphics driver that must have been used during development of this chipset...?


            Also, I have finally been able to access 3D stereoscopic settings on the Intel control panel, by pressing ctrl-alt-f5, but when do they "kick in?"  Is it completely dependent on the game to support Intel 3D?  Nvidia can render 3D games that aren't coded specifically for 3D vision... is this not the case with intel HD?  I assume the answer is yes, and the 3rd party drivers (which I'm unable to locate) would "kick in" the 3D and allow me to tweak it.


            Finally, I have a 120 Hz monitor, but my Intel settings don't go above 60 Hz.  I'm using a 3D capable HDMI 1.4 cable.  Any ideas?


            Thanks again, I appreciate your response.




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              Mike, this forum lists games with native 3D support; so the feature is activated in the settings of the game itself and no third party software should be needed.


              And this article lists the games that were tested with Intel® HD Graphics.

              Intel® Graphics — Playable Games List

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                Is it possible to utilize 120 Hz on the Intel HD 4600?  If so, how?


                Also, is it possible to render Intel 4600 inactive, that is, to make it merely a "pass-through" for lack of a better term, so only my discrete graphics GPU is used for everything?





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                  You can try the following steps:

                  1. Install the game and latest patch.
                  2. Set the optimal screen resolution for the 3D panel.
                  3. Set the 3D panel to 3D mode via remote.
                  4. Launch the 3D game software (if needed*).
                  5. Start the 3D game thru the 3D gaming software and watch using active shutter glasses.

                  2D games can be converted to 3D with third party software, such as TriDef*. (NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there).

                  Native 3D games may not need third party software because they already support 3D.


                  There are options to use discrete (third party) graphics instead of Intel® HD Graphics. These options vary according to the brand and model of your system. Please consult with the system manufacturer.

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