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    iAMT and Remote Boot to Boot Menu HowTo without VNC/KVM


      I have been running an dell precision m6700 with activated iAMT 8.1.40

      BIOS: SOL.on, IDE Redirect:on, Redirection Port: on)

      KVM is not supported because the internal GPU is disabled by DELL.


      I am using the latest "Manageability Commander Tool" from SDK.

      Via context menu: "Take Control" the "Manageability Terminal Tool" is opened.


      Disk Redirect Works fine

      Remote Command Works also fine

      I am able to modify the BIOS.



      How can I come into the Windows START Menu of the iAMT Client?


      If I use "Remote Reboot" or "Normal Reboot" the "Manageability Terminal Tool"

      screen is black or blank.


      With IPMI (other machine same windows version) is it possible to get the Windows Startmenu.


      Thanks in advance