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    How to install xdk-daemon ?


      I am running UbiLinux on my Edison, which is a Debian version. I am loving it! Works great, much easier friendlier than Yocto.


      But now, I would like to take advantage of the Intel IOT XDK environment to write Node.js scripts and download them to my Edison board.

      From what I was able to understand, I would need the following 2 services to be running on UbiLinux in order for the XDK IDE to connect to the board:


      systemctl enable xdk-daemon
      systemctl restart xdk-daemon

      So, my question is:  Since I am not running Yocto, how can I install these 2 deamons within Edison running Debian (UbiLinux). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      I have no idea how to proceed here and connect the XDK IDE to my Edison, and I guess the 2 services above are a requirement...


      Thank you in advance,