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    Intel HD Graphics x Nvidia Optimus x 3D Software Problem



      I bought a notebook with processor Intel Core i7 4810MQ. This notebook comes with a Nvidia Card Geforce 980M,

      There is that Nvidia Optimus program installed which is supposed to switch cards when im in need of 3D GPU to Nvidia Card.

      This is giving my issues with my 3D programs, the GPU is used but the Intel card is still there and messes up and crashes the programs.


      Is there a way to disable the Intel Card completely so that the primary card is always the Nvidia Card?

      I understand that the Intel Card is integrated in the i7 processor, so it there a bios or something of the sort to disable the intel card completely?


      This is really being an issue. I might take the notebook back if i cant resolve this. Please help me.