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    usb flash drive not reconize during re-booting process of a BIOS recovery



      I have a mobo DH61BE.  The current BIOS version is 0034.



      I did with success the update to 0048 BIOS version (step 1)

      After looking at the step 2; I have to do a recovery (step 3) since my Intel ME is version 7.x


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      If the computer's current BIOS version is earlier than 0048:

      1. You must first update to version 0048, using one of these methods:

      Express Update

      iFlash Update


      2.  Check if the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) Firmware is version 7 or 8.

      a)  Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS Setup.

      b)  Go to the Main > System Identification Information screen

      c)  The Intel ME version is listed here.

      d)  Press F10 to exit BIOS Setup.


      3.  If the Intel ME version is 7.x, use the BE0048.BIO file to do a BIOS Recovery and then check the Intel ME Firmware version again to confirm that version 8.x has been installed.


      4.  Then you must then update to version 0099 before upgrading to any later BIOS, using one of these methods.

      Express BIOS Update

      F7 BIOS Flash Update

      iFlash Update


      5. Update to any later than 0099 BIOS version. Using one of these methods.

      Express BIOS Update

      F7 BIOS Flash Update

      iFlash Update


      There are no special steps required for updating from BIOS version later than 0099 to a more current BIOS version.@


      When I tried to upgrade the intel ME each time I restart the computer...nothing happens (black screen).  I tried all the usb port without success.

      Do my usb flash drive need a special configuration? and need to contain only the BIO file?

      Thanks for your help!