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    Can the Microsoft Kinect work on Galileo board?


      I am trying to connect Microsoft Kinect to a Galileo board which I expected to collect the depth images from Kinect and send the images to other computers via the wireless network.

      I have built two packages -- OpenNI (OpenNI/OpenNI · GitHub) and PrimeSense/Sensor (PrimeSense/Sensor · GitHub) , and the required drivers like libusb.

      However, when I run the examples OpenNI provided, I always got the error message said that "Create depth generator failed".

      Has anyone ever made Microsoft Kinect work on Galileo board?

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          Hello Jiajie,


          I've never heard of anyone trying to use Kinect with the Galileo board, however, I found this website dedicated to port libraries to diferent platforms, including Linux, and since the Galileo is a Linux based device, you may be able to make the Kinect work on Galileo, or at least find the information on the website useful. Nevertheless If you are able to make it work, I invite you to share your results with the community.

          If you have any other doubts regarding the Galileo board, don't hesitate to ask.