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    PCI LAN card not detect on Haswell


      I have a realtek PCI LAN card RTL8139C that works just fine on my Ivy bridge platform with Win7, I now moved to a new Haswell platform and my LAN card can't be detected neither on Win7 nor Win8.1.


      I use a PCIe-to-PCI bridge to connect the LAN card to the Haswell platform.

      Is there a known compatibility issue with this LAN card and the Haswell platform?


      I use the same PCIe-to-PCI bridge card on the Ivy bridge where there is no issue.


      Is there a BIOs update or rollback to workaround this issue?

      I tried a few more LAN cards from different vendors and none of them work.


      Is there some restriction when using PCIe-to-PCI bridges on this Haswell platform?


      I already disabled the ASPM to workaround the known bug on this platforms.