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    Minimal Hardware Layout


      When laying out the Edison module what are necessary pins?


      From reading the data sheet it seems like the PWRBTN# pin is used to perform power off and sleep. So by just pulling the pin high (via resistor) to V_SYS is all that would be needed if the device is suppose to be on when power is applied.


      It seems like the the RESETOUT# pin is used to tell you when the device is fully up, by it going high. If you then want to place the device in reset you just pull the pin low and then high.


      For the FW_RCVR and RCVR_MODE pins if you don't use them in your application just pull-low (via resistor).


      So other than VSYS, DCIN, and GND nothing else seems to be required for a simple module connection when it's being powered not by a battery and using UART communication. Am I correct in this assumption? Does the pull-up of the pins allow for 3.3v on them? I ask because it seems like in the Aruindo schematic they show the RESETOUT# being pull-high with 1.8v.


      Is there anything else I might have missed?