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    Intell i7 5930k


      Hi everybody, i recently ordered my new setup after my old one died on me. But stumbled up on a question. My processor is a intel i7 5930k which supports up to a maximum of 2133mhz ram speed. I am planning to use ddr4 ram in quad channel ( i won it in a contest) which is running at 2800mhz. Is this gonna be an issue? Or will it run at 2133mhz out of the box because of my cpu? My friend told me i might have to adjust some settings in the bios, but im afraid of doing that since im not a hero in those things. Thanks for your help.

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          Hoodorm, we would recommend customers to use the correct memory on their system in order to avoid any problem on the future. 

          The use of memory out of specification could damage the processor.  As you mentioned it on your post, this processor supports memory up to 2133 Mhz DDR4.



          Even though Intel makes unlocked and Extreme Series processors that are robust enough to handle customizations, Intel doesn't recommend over

          clocking any of their internal components (memory, video or CPU) and there is no warranty support for that practice.



          Usually, using memory out of specifications will decrease the lifetime of the processor and it could generate processor damage, however you are free to configure the memory settings manually in BIOS.

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            Intel has this handy thing called XMP. It lets memory that is out of spec run at full speed. It really common, but in some cases it can damage components. That memory should run at 2133 out of the box perfectly though. If you end up enabling XMP the memory will run at full speed.


            tl;dr both work