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    Does Edison support Audio and Video?


      I have a Raspberry Pi project which requires audio (playing an MP3 file) and video output that I would like to port it to Edison. But I'm not sure if Edison supports audio and video or not, and if yes, how to do it. Can anyone tell give me a confirmed answer?  I'm using Edison on an Arduino extension board. Thanks!

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          Hi hz7225;


          In the latest Yocto image, Alsa is added. In this other thread AlexT explains how he did to play and record in the Edison using ALSA.

          For video, you can use udev (Example of camera using udev)

          If you want to use UVC you could install this kernel made by AlexT with the respective packages (Discussion thread)


          In this other document you will find shields that have been tested with the respectively results. I hope this could give you an idea for your project




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            There's no video HW on Edison, so no video output, but you can e.g. create a web interface using HTML5 & Node.js using Intel XDK IDE - which may be even better than a video output

            Or you can use one of the SPI-based screens, if you don't need high refresh rates.


            Audio, as CMata_Intel has mentioned, could be added either by plugging a USB sound card (the easiest and I think the cheapest way, that's what I did) or using I2S if you're brave.


            Edison is not a 1:1 Raspberry Pi replacement (goal for Pi was, just to set the expectations right - teaching kids how to program by providing a cheap replacement for a desktop computer).


            Edison is intended for (and that's my personal understanding, not Intel's position, just to make it clear) IoT and wearables, Makers and tinkerers, product idea prototyping or even implementation, where you don't really (or rather not that much) use it as a desktop computer (with monitor and speakers directly attached), but you use web-interfaces or hardware buttons or remote access (which could be a graphical shell like a VNC server with KDE or Gnome) and need onboard connectivity, high procesing power with low heat dissipation, compact size, ability to work on the battery, interfaces to connect to the real-world objects and so on.


            Out of curiosity - what your project is? Knowing more about it I (or other folks here) might be able to suggest something to make porting of your project easier or maybe even get more out of it than just "the same thing, just on Edison".

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              AlexT_Intel & CMata_intel: Thanks for your input. It's a hobby robotic project that requires onboard audio capability, and possibly video too. Your suggestion of HTML5/Node.JS is interesting but will not work for it. Adding a USB sound card may be the easiest for audio, but it adds additional cost. For video, do you have detail instructions on how to use Alsa, I'm not familiar with it.


              Can you suggest another Intel Atom based board  that has both audio and video capabilities plus WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, if Edison is not the right choice? I know Atom chips were used in smartphones and tablets, so it must be able to do these things. I appreciate any recommendations.

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                In addition to the video output variants you have already mentioned i think "DisplayLink" should not be forgotten. I have such a monitor, it has to be connected to usb and it is supported by the kernel modules "udl" and "udlfb". Would be nice to see them activated in your kernel.


                It can be used like any other graphics card with X. Indeed it's too slow for watching videos but nice for all the other things.

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                  Maybe the MinnowBoard is what you're looking for?

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                    I haven't tried, so I don't have a hard proof, but based on this: KB230: What are the primary graphics card requirements for DisplayLink displays? I think DisplayLink isn'g going to work on Edison as there's no primary graphics card.


                    Ok I apparently should've been more attentive reading your post - you do have such a monitor I'll try to compile the driver and get back to you on that. I'll probably start a new thread for this excercise.

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                      +1 mhahn @mmi - it sounds very much like MinnowBoard Max is what you're looking for.


                      ...except that it doesn't have WiFi or BT out of the box, but I guess there may be Lures (expansion boards) with these.


                      [one more edit] And as far as ALSA is concerned - this is a standard siund subsystem on Linux, which implements the control handles you can use to record and play audio. You first enable your audio device by installing appropriate kernel module for it (usb-snd-audio for USB audio card is the most realistic for Edison) and then ALSA just "sees" it and allows you to do all that stuff. It's not really Edison-specific, so you can find a lot of information about ALSA on the Internet. If you have any specific questions - feel free to ask.

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                        i'm pretty sure that the DisplayLink monitor will work with the Edison. A while ago i worked with this monitor on a simple Sheevaplug, no hardware graphics necessary under Linux. I would appreciate it very much if you build the two modules so i can try it.

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                          Does anyone know if MinnowBoard Max is available or not? I checked several distributors' websites, none of them has it in stock.

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                            I looked at Mouser Electronics - delivery in 25 weeks!

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                              Too bad. As Minnowboard circuit layout is open source: if you have the skillset and equipment you may build one at your own ;-)

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                                It is bad. Did anyone know which exact USB sound card works with Edison? I'd like to purchase one that has proved to work.

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                                  maybe the delivery dates given online might be an upper upper limit and they'd arrive way earlier?

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