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    Linux cross compiler toolchain



      BSP guide gives information on building cross compiler toolchain for Galileo, but I have some doubts and would like to clarify it before proceeding on those steps.

      I don't want to build my C/C++ code on Galileo as it is slow in comparison to building on Host PC / Server.


      I like to develop my application code on a host pc using cross compiler targeted for Galileo, but the host pc should be able to build code for other targets as well.


      Please let me know answers for these Queries.

      1. BSP Guide shows how to build toolchain for uclibc, is there any for eglibc as well? [I am running eglibc base image on Galileo.]

      2. The output of the build will give a script, which will install toolchain on another system, Does it mean I can do application development on a host pc [Ubuntu 12.04] and deploy only the final binary on galileo to test.

      3. Will installation of the tool chain [uclibc / eglibc based] cause breakage to other compiler/ build environments on the host PC.

          If so how do I prevent it so that I can do development of applications for different targets on the same host pc.


      Thank you.