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    NUC i3 D34010WYK - Cold boot = No display?


      Hi All,


      Just a question about the 4th Gen i3 NUC.


      When I cold boot – for the very first time after installing the hardware – there is no display. So I then press and hold the power button for 3-5 secs and it turns off.

      I boot it up again, and the display now comes on. However, it says the bios didnt load successfully last time, and asked if I wanted to load previous/default settings – when I hit YES – it loads up fine.


      I installed win7, restarting the nuc etc is all good.  Then I turned it off, and  disconnected the power for that night.

      Yesterday, I got home, connected the power, cold boot it again, and same thing- nothing on the display – until I turn it off, and turn it on again... again with the same bios didnt load message.  Hit YES, and it loads into windows fine.


      Have you guys had this experience?  Would upgrading the bios help?   Or something more serious ?


      I have read forum posts, and some say it might be incompatible/bad ram or bad sdd drive - if this was the case, I would think turning off the NUC and then back on again shouldn't fix the issue but it does.

      Also, restarting the nuc works fine too. It is just the cold boot that causes no display to be seen.


      Any recommendation on what it could be ?





      NUC i3 4th Gen D34010WYK
      Memory: G.Skill F3-1600C11D-16GRSL DDR3L-1600   1.35v DDR3
      SSD: Crucial M500 120GB SSD CT120M500SSD3
      Wireless: Intel 7260 Wireless-AC