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    Possible to re-purpose FTDI serial-to-USB connector to a general purpose USB Client Port?


      Is it possible to re-purpose the J3 USB connector (FTDI serial-to-USB), on a Mini Breakout Kit (DEV-13025) expansion board, as a generic USB Client Port?


      I'm seeking to disable to Linux console on this port, and instead use it for data transfer between the Edison (USB client) and a PC (USB host).  Similar to how the USB client port is used on the Galileo board.


      I would like to establish a Linux console connection over Wifi.  This will probably require some initial bootstrapping over the J3 USB connector.


      I need to use the other USB connector (J16) in the Host configuration, where I will attached an HID peripheral device.


      I don't need power from either USB connector.


      Any help/details/links on how to do this would be appreciated.