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    Unable to receive files over Bluetooth with a Dual-Band Wireless-N 7260


      Hello guys,


      I currently have a ASUS N550JK that came equipped that the card specified on the title and also with Win8.1. Everything worked amazingly fine under Win8.1, although under Win7, the Bluetooth module is misbehaving. I have no idea if the WiFi card is also working properly or not since I now use a Ethernet cord, although WiFi connects just fine to the network.


      As for the Bluetooth module, I can see my phone/pc, pair them up, PC can send files towards phone, but cannot receive which is really odd.


      And it seems that the little Wireless LED in my PC is controlled over software instead of Hardware, since it does not light up when Windows boots up, if I manually FN+F2 to deativate Wifi/BT and do FN+F2 again, the little light goes on, but the results are the same.


      Any ideas on how to fix the misbehaving BT module? I have the latest Win7 drivers for Bluetooth/WiFi.