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    DX58SO Hanging Up or Freezing Windows Vista x64


      Okay, so my brand new "beast of a machine" which I will give the specs is hanging up and freezing, destroying (or not destroying, just saying the raid is kaput) my raid, and making the pc unusable. The specs of our CAD workstation (actually not supposed to be used for games, what a pitty though):

      • 6x 500GB Seagate SATA drives in a RAID 5 config
      • 3x 2GB DDR3 RAM
      • 1x Gigabyte 9600GT video card
      • 1x PCI Express Sunix Serial ATA 2 card with a BlueRay writer attached
      • 1x Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse
      • 700W Power supply (Can't remember the name, but it was also a high-end one)
      • i7 Processor (Actually think it was the low-end one )


      I read through alot of forums and return to the previous RAID firmware to fix the RAID drives marked as "bad" when they are actually not.

      That fixed the RAID problem, although Windows still freezes after a while, even giving me BSOD, with codes that actually say that hardware malfunctioned. Tested everything I can to determine if the new mobo wa damaged. Nothing wrong with mobo.

      I then read in a forum that audio caused nonsense with Vista x64. So I disabled Audio in the BIOS settings and bingo, everything worked spotless, machine has been doing CAD drawings almost around the clock straight without doing anything weird ... to our company Audio for the workstation is not a huge trainsmash, but if this was a gaming machine I would almost wanted to sue ... and PS. it is not nice to buy a "high-end" mobo and having to disable any hardware because it causes nonsense...


      Any idea for a firmware upgrade and new drivers as I tried various numerious options which does not work, especialy with the sound and raid.


      Best regards,