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    Help needed with Intel Pro Wireless 2200 BG


      This device is on  a Dell laptop and I have had no trouble at all for years.  Now suddenly the computer does not recognize the wireless connection although the main window indicates an excellent connection.  The computer is unable to connect to the internet using the "excellent" wireless connection.  The internet is fine when I connect using the ethernet connection, but not the wireless.  All indications are that the wireless connection is OK, except it just doesn't hook up with the internet anymore.   Dell Inspiron Windows xp   4 years old and till now worked perfectly.


      Any ideas?

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          I have had a similar situation a long time ago. Even though the connection shows connected, no data was actually passed. Turning the wireless router off and on usually fixed the problem. The problem happened fairly frequently to me. Upgrading the wireless router firmware to the latest version fixed having this as a frequent problem. Here are some things you could try.

          1. Turn the wireless router off and on. If that does not work ...
          2. Delete the connection information in your laptop and create it from scratch. If that does not work ...
          3. Change the wireless network ID and pass phrase (password) in your wireless router configuration and create a new connection on your laptop. Maybe the wireless configuration in the router got corrupted. Changing these two items could fix that. If that does not work ...
          4. Check the manufacturer's website for your wireless router. Download the latest firmware and follow the instructions to upgrade the router.
          5. Use the Windows device manager to uninstall your adapter. Then install using the latest software from Dell for your wireless connection.
          6. You could try resetting your router back to factory defaults. Make sure you know the proper settings and passwords for connecting to your Internet service provider before you reset the router. Otherwise, you might have trouble getting reconnected to the Internet after resetting the router.
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            Thanks.  I'm pretty sure the problem is not with the router.

            Actually the problem was first noticed when I could not connect to the internet via a hotel's wifi, despite all kinds of machinations by the resident IT expert.  Came home to find the same condition on my network.  Another computer on my wireless network is fine.  Since, I have uninstalled and installed the latest drivers from Dell.com for the Intel device as well as the Broadcom 570x device to no avail.  Hate to get a new laptop, cuz other than this, its fine.  But these hotels have all gone wireless, so no ethernet connections anymore leaving me with only a lame dial up.  I see now that many of the new laptops don't even have phone jacks, so dial up will soon be history, I guess.

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              I wised I could be more help. Maybe someone else will come up with some other ideas. I would still try totally removing the device from Windows by uninstall the device in device manager instead of only uninstalling the software. If the wireless adapter is not bad, then the problem could be something that got messed up in the Windows registry. Maybe going back to a Windows restore point from before the time you had the problem will fix things.


              You don't need a new laptop if you can't get it to work. You should still be able to find a wireless PC card that can plug into a slot on your laptop. At least, I think you can still buy these cards somewhere. I have not looked at laptop PC cards in a few years.

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                Mark:  Thanks again.  I'll try the full uninstall.  And thanks for pointing out the possibility of getting a plug in card.  I'll look into that.

                BTW, the first thing I tried was system restore and it didn't work.

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                  Mark:  Just wanted to let you know, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Intel ProSet 2200bg and now the thing is working!!

                  Muchas Gracias!!

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                    De nada. Thanks for letting me know. I hate unsolved mysteries.