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    IoTkitSimpleExample and IoTkitRegisterExample   Application issue


      Hi all,

           I tested this  example,but it can't receive any data inDash board.


          1. iotkit-admin test   command is ok.

          2. iotkit-admin activat code    command is ok.

          3. I create a device in cloud with my device id.

          4. then I run the command: systemctl start iotkit-agent

          5. I adjust my IP address  "IOTKIT_IP" in IoTkit.h.

          6. I run arduino app IoTkitRegisterExample with my activate key.

          7. then run IoTkitSimple Example.

          8. I 'm sure that the IoTkitSimple app is download into edison board, and running.


      Finally, there is nothing in Dash board.


      so is there something I do wrong?


      Please help me out.