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    Hibernate, DG43NB, WHS



      the last two days i've realised my project to build up a windows home server:


      Board: Intel DG43NB

      PowerSupply: Enermax 385W Pro82+

      Ram: OCZ Gold Edition 4GB DDR2-800

      CPU: Intel Pentium E5200 boxed


      Now I remarked that Intel doesn't publicies server drivers for their desktop mainboards. Seems that I was a lil bit to lazy to inform me about these stuff before buying the hardware. C'est la vie...

      But after installing Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1 based on Server 2003 with SP2 I tried several options and got nearly all drivers installed. Mostly XP drivers. Last device listed with a yellow question mark in the device manager is the "PCI Simple Communications Controller". Somebody has a solution for this problem?


      But the bigger problem is that i can't activate hibernate in the energy options. I want to run the Add-On "LightsOut" but therefore i need to activate the Hibernate. I hope somebody can help me...


      Nad last but not least sorry for my bad english.. I'm a 17 year old pupil from switzerland...


      Thanks a lot


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          You have some hardware that isn't working.  Can you figure out what it is?  Maybe a PCI card, like a dial-up modem, etc.  Maybe you don't have the driver for the Intel Management Engine.


          You can try an internet search on the hardware ID.  Right click on the device and click Properties.  Click the details tab.  Click "hardware ids" in the dropdown menu.


          This device is probably why the OS won't hibernate.  You can right click on it and disable it.  I guess that would solve the hibernate problem.

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            Hello Steve 17,

            thx for your answer - because i didn't found any solution for my problem up today. I reinstalled the WHS complete and backuped the driver before. So i scanned the path where the drivers were backuped with the driver installation assistent and all drivers were found like before. Only in front of the "PCI Simple Communications Controller" is still the yellow mark.


            Configuration of the WHS: DG43NB, OCZ 4GB DDR2-800, Intel E5200, 120GB IDE HD


            No TV-cards no extra pci equipment. So what shall I do? The Hibernate tab is still not in the power options window.

            Would be great to get some helpful answers...

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              For the Hibernate Tab, try to install the latest Graphics Drivers.


              For the PCI Simple Communication Controller, download this driver

              Extract the whole contents using Winzip.

              Try to install the driver manually.


              Go to Device Manager

              Rightclick on the "PCI Simple Communications controller"

              Choose Update Driver Software.

              Browse my Computer for driver software - browse to the directory where you have extracted the downloaded driver.


              All the best,


              Kind Regards,


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                wow, finally i get it installed the driver for the pci communcation controller (intel management engine) 5 minutes ago - so now i have installed all drivers for the intel dg43nb with Windows Home Server as OS. (if anyone read this and has the same problems i had --> mail me at mailgoe(at)gmail.com and i'll send you a driver package!)


                so for now the last problem which still excists is the hibernate - i disabled for testing a lot of devices in the device manager (including onboard lan etc.) but there's still no option for me..

                i neeeeeeed help?!

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                  WOW!! I'm so happy - thx a lot Aryan for your help. Even if the graphics driver wasn't the only problem..

                  So I installed the graphics driver like you told me to do and the after a restart for first the standby mode got activated and i could go into stand by. But the hibernate tab still wasn't there. So i tried to enable the hibernate with cmd but then i got an error that the PAE Mode on the computer is active. After editing the boot.ini that th computer will start with a maximum of 3,5GB Ram all worked fine and smooth. No i can start the real configuration with media portal and tv-acrds etc i'm so happy - thx again and if anyone should read this and has some questions, be free to ask me @ mailgoe(at)gmail.com

                  best regards

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                    I don't have your O.S., so I can't be of much help.  Both my XP and Win7 give me the hibernate option.  I don't use it though.  S3 sleep is almost as good and allows for a faster resume.  Win7 uses S3 sleep normally.  XP uses S1 sleep (which is just about worthless) but I changed mine to use S3.  To do this, Google for "dumppo".  I don't know what sleep your O.S. normally uses.


                    My Win7 has a sleep known as "hybrid sleep".  That's the default and that's what I use.  I think as long as I use "hybrid sleep", I can't also use the hibernate option.


                    If you haven't done so, click Start > Help and Support, and search for hibernate.

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                      I can't edit my previous post.


                      I should have said that S3 sleep is almost as low power as hibernate.  It's sometimes called suspend to RAM.  The only thing going on inside the computer is RAM refresh.

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                        I still can't edit.  According to Win7's help, hibernate is used mainly for laptops.  Maybe Microsoft didn't include hibernate in the server O.S.  I''d gues most people don't use laptops as servers. 

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                          Thx also for your help, but like you can read above, the problem is now finally solved. Problem were the 4GB Ram and though the activated PAE Mode (whatever that should be?!) and the graphics driver.


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                            i'm not extremely computer savy, but i have WHS and a DG43NB motherboard. i can't get drivers to install. i see you have had some luck. ineed all the luck i can get!  Any suggestions?