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    Control of PSW Signal (USB Power Enable)?


      How does one control the PSW signal on the OTG USB port (the one right out the edison module)?  The USB peripheral on my board seems to go into a standby mode, PSW goes low I can't seem to get the peripheral to come up again (yes a reboot does it, but that's not what I would call an option).  I'm not really sure what chunk of software (usb driver or other) handles this signal, so any direction would be great.


      If anyone can enlighten me as to what initiates the standby mode on the USB (just the 3 ms of inactivity per the standard or is there a way to initiate this), I would also appreciate it since it would allow me to save battery in my application since the USB peripheral draws a few hundred (200 - 300) mA on the USB.


      Thanks - Mario,