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    HD4000 FPS Reduction Over Time


      I am noticing very poor FPS with the lowest settings while playing World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.  When the game first boots up, I see very high fps.  It continues to run this way for awhile but after some time the FPS drops to 8-15 and can recover up to 20 fps in areas with low traffic/action. 


      Laptop Specifications:

      Toshiba Satellite C855

      Intel i3-3120M 2.5Ghz

      Intel HD 4000

      6GB RAM

      Windows 8.1 64 bit


      I have the latest drivers from Intel's Driver Update Utility.  I ran Intel's Processor Diagnostic Tool and everything came back with a PASS.


      While playing the game it will crash the computer.  This happens at random times either while standing stationary or in a fight with a lot of particle effects.


      Any ideas?  Should the computer be capable to run higher FPS in the lowest possible settings?