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    Extreme problems with the extreme tuning utility




      I have big problems with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. I'm running version, I have also tried version but without success. I have Windows 8.1 and Intel core i7-4600U.


      My Problem is the following:


      1. When I want to access the settings then the program crashes just saying "Perftune does not work anymore" (translated from german).


      How can I solve the issue or is there a possibility to set the settins in another way (e.g. in a file).


      2. How can I automatically start the Extreme Tuning Utility on startup of the system? Perhaps it can be done in the settings but I cannot access them (see point 1). Currently I made a task in the task scheduler that at each startup the Extreme Tuning Utility is started, but it is not minimized to the tray..


      3. I have created a profile with my own values (undervolting). How can I load this profile at every startup of the system? I only see the possibility to pair the profile with a running application but I want to have the profile always on.

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          Hi Helveticus99, Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility was intended to be used with systems that have overclocking capabilities; for example, the ones including unlocked Intel® Core processors (which models end in K or X). It is possible that your system BIOS does not support or allow such voltage settings to be changed.

          I suggest you checking with the system manufacturer for any software utilities that might be provided for your model.