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    systemd and preset


      Hi there,


      I would like to create new services and enable them by default when I deploy my customized version of Yocto.


      As described here (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/systemd, creating services is fairly straightforward.


      I have tested this and it works fine - as long as I manually issue


      systemctl myservice enable


      where myservice is my newly created service.


      However, how can I make this option "enabled" by default on a custom Yocto distribution ? I see that systemd supports "presets" (systemd.preset).


      But does Yocto supports this ? How do I customize this on the Edison Image ?


      Any hints or pointers are greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,

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          Hi mcabral;


          Take a look of this thread where David_J_Hunt explains how to start or stop services using systemd in order to get a script started at boot. Let me know if it helps you.




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            Thanks for the reference but something is still not clear:


            I am not sure how can I make my own scripts to be enabled by default when I create my own custom service units.


            The Intel documentation/instructions show how to create a custom image (Intel® Edison BSP User Guide), including creating a new, custom service.


            But is this custom service enabled by default ? (out of a brand new flash)


            Thanks again,

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              I have found a systemd service sample (watchdog_sample) - as described in Section 3.5 of Intel® Edison BSP User Guide.


              I will try to customize it and bitbake a new image to test it. I will post back here to document the results.


              Thanks again,

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                I have tried editing and customizing the watchdog_sample service but somehow it does not get added to my custom build.


                Issuing "bitbake edison-image" works fine and "./flashall.sh" also works (I verify that my Edison is indeed running my custom build by calling "uname -a").


                So this confirms that I am running my custom build. However, my watchdog-sample edited service does not get added to the build.


                I would simply like to add my own compiled binaries with a simple .service file that would run these files at the startup.


                Is there anywhere else on the configuration files that I should be editing also (apart from the watchdog-sample files) ?


                Thanks in advance for any pointers,

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                  I am not sure if your question has the systemctl myservice enable reversed as a typo.

                  systemctl start myservice - would be used to make myservice.service start

                  systemctl enable myservice - would be used to make myservice.service start and load on bootup

                  systemctl disable myservice - would be used to make myservice.service stop and not reload on bootup

                  systemctl stop myservice - would be used to make myservice.service stop


                  sometime small typos/ transpositions cause undesired results. 

                  You can also systemctl to check service status to see if there were errors and what they were.


                  I am also told that adding your cmds to a .profile file in the users directory would load on login

                  Hope this might have been helpful

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                    Thanks -


                    However, I don't think I am making myself clear on what it is that I am trying to accomplish.


                    I know how to start/stop/enable services;


                    What I am having problems with is to with baking a new / custom Edison image (using bitbake and so forth).


                    My custom services are not being included in my custom Edison distribution.


                    Sorry about not expressing myself clearly.


                    Thanks again,

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                      I'd suggest to compare with bb recipes which come with services like e.g. device-software/meta-edison-middleware/recipes-devtools/iotkit-agent/iotkit-agent_0.1.7.bb

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                        Thanks mhahn,


                        What I did so far was to copy/paste the watchdog-sample and edit into my own service (trying to edit it appropriately to my custom service).


                        It is very simple - I don´t need to setup compilation in the .bb file - just install some pre-compiled binaries I have.


                        This .bb custom service file does gets verified during the bitbake process - but my custom service is not included in the image when I flash it into my Edison.


                        So this begs the question: do I need to inform the bitbake process to include this new custom service (perhaps in some configuration file, just like when adding custom packages as explained in this file Intel® Edison BSP User Guide


                        Anyway I will try with the recipe you suggested instead of using the watchdog-sample.


                        Thanks again,

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                          just take any recipe which installs service files. What I picked was just an example

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                            Hi deium,


                            You said that "adding your cmds to a .profile file in the users directory would load on login"


                            Is this analogous to typing "systemctl start <myfile>" after logging in? If so, can you clarify how to add cmds to a .profile file?

                            Thank you