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    max temperature for i3 cpu



      Bunch of computers at work is running a bit jumpy. (we only just received them a week earlier we had them built)

      it runs an i3 4160 haswell. So we ran some stress test + monitoring to see if there were anything strange...


      HWmonitore, coretemp and intel extreme tunning utility is reporting temps upto 100 celcius at maximum load.

      (we also ran prime95 stress test too) And as far as I know these run with a stock heatsink.

      (I know this isn't normal...)

      some are running at high 80s.. but some were at 100 and we decided to turn it off.


      I've read these can reach upto 100 while shutting down(?) but should these be reaching such temps while running stress test?


      Can someone point me to a document/article stating an ideal load temperature for i3?

      as much as I would like to open up and check for heatsink and all, it will void warranty so I just want to make sure before I do so.


      any help would be greatly appreciated.