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    SS4200-E compatible drives


      Hi folks,


      I'm trying to find 750Gb or 1TB drives for my ss4200e.

      My problem: the compatible/tested hardware list is pretty much outdated (January 2009) and my hardware supplier doesnt sell these drives anymore.


      My question: does anyone know if there is an updated list around?

      And/or Could someone confirm that one of these drives are compatible?:


      Seagate Barracuda ST310005N1D1AS-RK (1TB)

      Seagate Barracuda ES.2 ST31000340NS (1TB)

      Western Digital WD1001FALS (1TB)

      Samsung Spinpoint HD103UJ (1TB)

      Samsung Spinpoint H103UJ (1TB)

      HP GE262AA (1TB)


      Or these 750GB maybe?


      Seagate STM3750330AS (750GB)

      Seagate STM3750528AS (750GB)

      Seagate ST3750330SV (750GB)


      Kind Regards,