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    Intel SS4000-E free space not available after deleting shared folder


      My Intel SS4000-E has 4 HDDs with 500GBs each, set up for RAID 5, so Total Storage Capacity is 1395.67 GB.


      All space (100%) is used up by several shared folders. Yesterday I deleted one of the shared folders. That folder is no longer visible in the browser based config utility. The interface reports "Free space 426.59 GB", unfortunately the diagram on the Home page still shows 100% used by shared folders.


      Here is the problem: folder was deleted, however somewhere in the background the shared folder I deleted still blocks the space, I cannot create a new one or use any of the 426.59 GB free space reported by the config utility.


      I shut down and restarted the device a couple of times, no change. System was idle for several hours, no change.


      Any help highly appreciated.